Station of Hope


Faith communities can offer what no secular program or agency can do—provide a place where non-judgment, acceptance, love, caring, forgiveness, reconciliation, redemption and restoration can occur.

Across America, in nearly every church, mosque and synagogues, there is a mother whose son is in prison, a child whose father was just arrested, an aunt caring for a niece who has been released from prison, a person struggling with reintegration after incarceration, or a person still carrying the wounds from being a victim of crime. 

Often they suffer in silence and shame. Their faith leader may know nothing of their pain, and their fellow congregation members may be equally in the dark. The social stigma is so great that many people are too ashamed to share what has happened to them and their families. 

Station of Hope provides a team approach to establishing a critical path to stability and self-sufficiency for individuals seeking to get acclimated to life outside of the penal system. Areas of concentration for successful transitions include

Visitation During Incarceration

Accountability Team Presence at Court

Collaboration with Legal Counsel


Strategic Goal Setting

Budgeting/Financial Management

Provision of Basic Necessities

Community Service Placement

Follow-Up with Judge After Release