Pro-Virtue Women’s Group

Pursuing Life, Love & Liberty In Christ


What Is Virtue?

The depths of it’s definition extend far beyond the banks of etiquette and charm. Virtue is a progressive and dynamic strength that provides resolution for life’s moral voids, societal ills  and human weaknesses.

It can come in the form of attributes and behaviors, occupations and professions, gift and talents, anointings and powers or a combination of these things.  Virtue is varied in form but singular in the essence of its impact; it confronts and corrects the posture of conditions that are out of alignment with Kingdom of God.

Arête is a term used in Greek antiquity to define virtue. It covered character, mental dexterity, describe a persons socio-economic status and even set the parameters for land ownership.  The initial references and early usages were confined to a very narrow context and was applied exclusively to elite aristocracy of ancient Greece.

The blood of Jesus Christ broadens the pool of those that can operate in the benefits of Christian virtue.  This grace is extended to whosoever will take the time to submit to the disciplines that produce virtue and walk with the One who imparts those virtues.

At Power For Life International, our Pro-Virtue Women’s Group focuses on the unique contributions of women and provides a platform for service, fellowship and spiritual development.  Currently we meet on the last Monday of every month from 7:00pm-8:30pm.
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