About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Power For Life International (PFLI) is a growing non-denominational church, founded and incorporated by Pastors John and Tasha Haslon on June 22, 2005.  Through collective efforts and outreach initiatives, our mission is to translate the Gospel into relevant terms and tangible resources for the City of Camden and neighboring communities.  This mandate requires a multi-pronged approach that will address and positively impact the educational, social, economic, and spiritual needs of the city and surrounding areas.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team recognizes the authority of God, and realizes that we are shepherds who serve under the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ. We desire to devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the Word. Our passion and goal is to equip the believers for the work of the ministry until we all attain maturity in the fullness of Christ.

1Pastor John Haslon, Senior Pastor

John Haslon, locally and affectionately known as “Pastor John” abides by a multi-pronged commitment to his faith, family and community.  These three components of his life govern his ambitions, influence his decision making and motivate him to apply a superlative measure of dedication and effort towards success for himself and others.  His personal mandate is to collaboratively establish pathways to wholeness and self-sufficiency for individuals and communities in need by way of tangible resources and adherence to sound biblical principles.

Since his early twenties, he has pursued ecclesiastical excellence earning his Bachelor’s Degree in theology from Christian Life School of Theology (now Beacon College) in 1992.  With his education and 28 years of ministerial experience, he is the Senior Pastor of Power For Life International where he is shepherding his congregants into “Making A World Of Difference.”

He firmly believes that the faith realm and physical realm work in tandem and endeavors diligently to strike a healthy balance between the two. Of all the roles he plays, the most cherished is that of husband and father. His adoring wife of 12 years is Evette “Tasha” Haslon who resourcefully works by his side in ministry and community outreach.  He is the proud father of four children: Jonathan & Jocelyn (twins—19yrs), Joshua (10yrs) and Jasmine Moriah (8yrs).  Pastor Haslon has provided for his family through a steady career. Demonstrating both skill and longevity, he recently celebrated 25 years at Iron Mountain Inc. where he holds the seat of General Manger for the company’s tri-state region.

In the secular arena, he is also the president of S.U.R.G. E. Community Development Corporation.  He steers this organization under the corporate mission to enhance the socio-economic trajectory of the people and communities it serves.   Through its feeding initiative, S.U.R.G.E. has registered approximately 2300 households which impacts roughly 8000 individuals.

Whether he is in a board room in corporate America, serving the City of Camden or handing out a bag of groceries, at the end of the day, Pastor John Haslon thoroughly enjoys his family and finds the capacity to give them quality fatherhood and leadership in the home.

2Pastor Tasha, Executive Pastor

Pastor Tasha Haslon is the Executive Pastor of Power For Life International located in Camden New Jersey. Her mission and personal mandate is to translate the power and principles of God into tangible life applications that maximize potential and increase awareness of Jesus Christ.

Alongside her husband, Senior Pastor John Haslon, Pastor Tasha leads a progressive ministry that transcends the pulpit.  Their ministry footprint marries effective spiritual leadership with civic responsibility.  In light of her commitment to community, Pastor Tasha serves on the board of SURGE Community Development Corporation as Vice President and is the Executive Director of F.L.O.C.C.K. Food Pantry which provides resources for more than 2700 registered households.

Pastor Tasha’s most cherished role is that of “Mother” to four beautiful children: Jasmine (8), Joshua (10), Jonathan & Jocelyn (19-twins).  Some of her other achievements and endeavors are listed below:


  • Prison Ministry, Baltimore City Correctional Services
  • Honored with Certificates of Appreciation from the William Donald Schaefer Youth Detention Center for volunteer services rendered
  • Mercer County Youth Detention Center Outreach 
  • Leadenhall Senior Citizens Community Bible Study and Church Services
  • Gospel Block Parties 
  • Media Ministry; Television, Radio and Gospel Publications
  • Trenton Rescue Mission
  • Saturday School Committee
  • SOUL PATROL (Street Evangelism Outreach)
  • Co-Founder for Power for Life, International
  • Co-Host for Power Today Radio Broadcast
  • Author Beyond The Ink Newsletter Publication
  • SURGE Community Development Corporation
  • F.L.O.C.C.K. Food Pantry 
  • Senior Pastor of Power For Life International

What we believe

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